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Test Pattern: A Horror Movie Podcast

Oct 7, 2021

It's spooky season and we're ringing in October with a couple of monster mashes! We watched The Monster Squad and Little Monsters!


The Monster Squad (1987)

"30 Things We Learned From The Monster Squad Commentary" by Kate Erbland, Film School Rejects

Writer/Director and cast commentary with Fred Dekker, Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert, and Ashley Bank

Writer/Director and director of photography commentary with Fred Dekker and Bradford May

"Monster Squad Forever!", featurette

"A Conversation with Frankenstein", featurette

Wolfman's Got Nards, making-of documentary


Little Monsters (1989)

Film historian commentary with Jarret Gahan

"Call Him Maurice", featurette

"Beneath the Bed",  featurette

"Monsters Big & Small", featurette