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Test Pattern: A Horror Movie Podcast

Aug 19, 2021

We're hexed by the Mother of Sighs as we explore Dario Argento's original Suspiria and the 2018 remake starring Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson!


Suspiria (1977)

Film historian commentary with David Del Valle and Tory Howorth

"Do You Know Anything About Witches?" BluRay featurette

"Suzy in Nazi Germany", BluRay...

Aug 5, 2021

We're off to see the wizard ... and to explore the horrors of Oz with the original MGM classic The Wizard of Oz and the Disney-produced sequel Return to Oz!


The Wizard of Oz (1939)

"Judy Garland was Put on a Strict Diet and Encouraged to Take 'Pep Pills' While Filming The Wizard of Oz" by Colin...