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Test Pattern: A Horror Movie Podcast

Jan 30, 2020

In a theme four years in the making, we dissect two films that out-Hitchcocked Hitchcock - Les Diaboliques and Peeping Tom!


Les Diaboliques (1955)

"Diabolique: Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts" by Terrence Rafferty, Criterion

Les Diaboliques (Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1955) by Susan Hayward. 2005....

Jan 5, 2020

In our latest episode, we examine Ari Aster's two feature films - Hereditary and Midsommar and Aster's expertise in conveying grief through his work.

Ari Aster's short "The Strange Thing About the Johnsons"

Ari Aster's short "Munchausen"



Hereditary (2018)

"11 Memorable Facts About Hereditary" by Michele...

Jan 3, 2020

We review 2019, hear from you about your favorite episodes, and answer some mailbag questions!