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Test Pattern: A Horror Movie Podcast

Oct 30, 2020

We stop for a quick bite in ‘Salem’s Lot, with our discussion of Stephen King’s novel and the 1979 TV adaptation!


Salem's Lot by Stephen King

"Why Salem's Lot is Stephen King's Favorite Book" by Jack Wilhelmi, ScreenRant


Salem's Lot (1979)

Director's Commentary

"Revisiting the film of Stephen King's...

Jun 1, 2020

While we know everything going on is more important, we wanted to offer this mental break to those that would like it.

We talk to J about editing and get lost along the way!


Check out Catherine Mary Stewart as Bibi in The Apple - "Speed"

After this episode, go listen to the "Return of the Living Dead" episode of The...

Apr 23, 2020

In this episode, we're out for blood. We read Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire and watched the film adaptation starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise!


Interview With a Vampire by Anne Rice

"Anne Rice: The Interview with the Vampire novelist on her daughter's death, living through her own funeral and the...

Mar 5, 2020

Mando joins us to talk about two excellent films dealing with creatures that aren't quite human, but aren't exactly monster either - The Descent & Pandorum!


The Descent (2005):

"Millar's Movie: Shauna loved working in the dark" by John Millar, The Sunday Mail

"Descent into hell" by Nick Morrison, The Northern...

Dec 15, 2019

We're joined by Daniel to talk about two films from a true auteur, Park Chan-wook, Thirst and Stoker!


Thirst (2009)

"Park Chan-wook" by Keith Phipps, The AV Club

"Director Biography", PR Packet for Thirst

"Park Chan-wook Explores Self, Dream in Thirst" by Lee Hyo-won, The Korea Times


Stoker (2013)

"SDCC 2010:...