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Test Pattern: A Horror Movie Podcast

Aug 25, 2022

Don't lose your head! We're joined by JX Dill to explore the Scottish Highlands with Highlander and Justin Kurzel's adaptation of Macbeth!


Highlander (1986)

"There Can Only Be One: Why Highlander Will Live Forever" by Ed Power, The Telegraph

"15 Immortal Facts About Highlander" by Jake Rossen,...

Jan 13, 2022

We're testing our powers with Brian De Palma's Carrie and Chronicle!


Carrie (1976)

On Writing by Stephen King, pgs. 72-87

"10 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About the Making of Carrie (1976)" by Jake Dee, ScreenRant

"Carrie Turns 40: Secrets Behind the Iconic Horror Film" by Nicole Pelletiere, ABC News



Dec 9, 2021

We know some kids who are definitely getting coal in their stockings! We watched The Children (2008) and Better Watch Out!


The Children (2008)

"Tom Shankland Talks the Children" by Heather Wixson, Dread Central


Better Watch Out (2016)

"Fantasia 2017 Interview: Director Chris Peckover Talks Better Watch...

Oct 7, 2021

It's spooky season and we're ringing in October with a couple of monster mashes! We watched The Monster Squad and Little Monsters!


The Monster Squad (1987)

"30 Things We Learned From The Monster Squad Commentary" by Kate Erbland, Film School Rejects

Writer/Director and cast commentary with Fred Dekker,...

Aug 19, 2021

We're hexed by the Mother of Sighs as we explore Dario Argento's original Suspiria and the 2018 remake starring Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson!


Suspiria (1977)

Film historian commentary with David Del Valle and Tory Howorth

"Do You Know Anything About Witches?" BluRay featurette

"Suzy in Nazi Germany", BluRay...