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Test Pattern: A Horror Movie Podcast

Oct 3, 2018

We kick off our October programming with a look at two allegedly family-friendly favorites ... featuring women who want to eat children.  We watched The Witches and Hocus Pocus!



The Witches:

"Gobsmacked!: Memories of Editing The Witches" by Stephen Roxburgh

"20 Banned Books That May Surprise You" by Molly Driscoll, The Christian Science Monitor

"In Which Consider the Macabre Unpleasantness of Roald Dahl" by Alex Carnevale. This Recording

"Bewitched, Bothered, Buried Under Latex" by John M. Wilson, Los Angeles Times

"There's Nothing Better Than Making Children Scream" by Kirsten Tranter, The Sydney Morning Herald

"11/19/1988 - Screen Witches in London - test with audiences - Pinewood - Give notes to Trim Down" Jim's Red Book,

"The Fantastically Adaptable Mr. Dahl" by David Gritten, The Telegraph


Hocus Pocus:

"The Magical Tale of How Hocus Pocus Went From Box-Office Flop to Halloween Favorite" by Jen Chaney, Yahoo Movies

"Hocus Pocus Turns 25" by Leanne Aguilera, Entertainment Tonight 

"Kathy Najimy Shares the Secrets of Hocus Pocus to Celebrate its 25th Anniversary" by Kristy Puchko, SyFy Wire